About us


Hi! We’re Steve and Carina, a husband and wife team, and the creative minds behind The Rustic Mod. We reside in the beautiful Piedmont region of Virginia with our two sons, Ashton and Owen, and our motley crew of rescue animals - a mutt named Charley, a Llewellin Setter named Lily, and three cats: Izzy aka Pizz Pizz, Ethel, and Fred.

We’ve always joked through the years that Steve was the stylish more modern half of the couple and Carina was the country, rustic half. Together we believe we balance each other out with our differences - throw in a little artistic and creative flair to the mix and The Rustic Mod was born.

As business professionals, we needed a creative outlet and found joy in working together to provide local, rustic, handcrafted wood decor. Together, we create every design and image; assemble, paint, and distress each and every piece by hand and package every order. It is just the two of us, and we love what we do and we wouldn’t change a thing.